We’re a 20’s something couple, married with a baby, and a whole lot of debt.

I’m the Mrs and have decided to start this blog as a way to help keep us accountable while paying our debt off, as well as a way to share our tips and tools in hopes of helping others in similar situations. We’re private people and don’t like to discuss money with family or friends so this blog will be our honest accountability to share anonymously with the world.

Sadly, my education is the reason for most all of our financial problems. We’re not is in this situation because of any vast overspending or living beyond our means, not to say we haven’t put stuff on credit that we shouldn’t have, but we both grew up in modest households and were taught the value of a dollar. My mom was big on vocabulary and learning new words to use in everyday conversation. She use to give my sister and I a new word every week to try and use as often as possible throughout the week. My earliest word memory- Frugal. I’m not kidding.

I’ve always loved numbers, budgeting and helping others with their money. I have no professional financial experience,  just a love for a good budget and the feeling of control (Type A personality?).

Join us on this journey to financial freedom and feel free to contact us {plungedindebt(at)hotmail(dot)com} with any questions!


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