Budgeting In Items For Work Usage

Hubby’s cell phone bill is an average of $115.00/month that we have to pay. Insane right? If we didn’t pay for the minutes that we do, the bill will get to well over $200.00 (and has many times). Hubby’s phone starts  ringing and beeping like crazy from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to bed at night because of his job. He talks to many people all day in different locations around the province for varying companies. Given that his phone is a necessity for his job, don’t ya think he should be comped for it? 

If he didn’t have the phone/email requirements that he does, his phone bill would be a much more respectable amount (under $50.00/month). This sort  of makes me crazy. There has been ‘talk’ in the past about him getting some compensation for work usage (90% of his cell phone time) but it never comes to fruition. Friends of ours, who are on their phones a whole lot less than hubby is, are comped which adds to my frustrations.

He does gain gas mileage for work out of city which ends up working out to more than we pay for gas (we make money when he goes away from mileage vs reimbursement for gas dollars spent).

For me to work, I (legally) have to pay an annual licensing fee to maintain registration with my provincial regulating body (which gives me my malpractice insurance and registration with the national regulating body). This sets me back $625.00/year. Although it’s income tax deductible I still hate that I have to pay it, in my mind, it should be an expense my employer pays on my behalf, I’m sure he probably benefits from the tax break more than I but it’s not something he does, this goes for most of my classmates too.

Who has their job compensate part(s) of their monthly budget items? Am I alone in thinking we shouldn’t be paying for these things?


14 thoughts on “Budgeting In Items For Work Usage

  1. If part of my employment contract stated that my role would be to talk to customers or deal with customers outside of work hours or inside for that matter while at home or on the road… then yes he should be. If not, then why is he answering the phone if it’s not in his contract? Has he talked to his employer? If not he will never know if they will expense it and how much work he is doing answering the phone from the moment he gets up until he goes to bed.

    • He doesn’t have a contract. His job (project manager) has him dealing with engineering firms and contractors all day if issues arise so it’s not customers per se. He’s in charge of multiple projects atone time so gets phone calls from all sorts of people. He has talked to them and it’s something ‘they will consider’ and are ‘in the works of making it happen’ that’s been going on for 3 years.

  2. Do you belong to any groups? There are thousands of employers/groups that are able to get discounts. Because I belong to a fire company I get a 18% discount. I pay $5 a year for dues to belong to this fire house.

  3. Many groups and organizations have discounts given to them through the wireless providers… I actually had three groups that gave discounts, the highest was the fire company. All you have to do is bring proof that you belong to the organization.

  4. We both work for the same company and have company paid for Blackberrys. I have to say that if I were in your husband’s position, I would not be willing to use my personal phone for work purposes! Ours are paid for 100% but we use them for work about 80% of the time.

    • Exactly, I think hubby’s should be paid for as well since like 80% of his cell phone usage is for work, it’s just not fair!

  5. I wouldn’t pay for the extra time.. I’d tell my boss that “I couldn’t afford it” and let him pay for the extra. That’s ridiculous that the bill is double because of a job that makes him use it but won’t pay for it!

  6. Please don’t forget to account for the REAL cost of using your car… Just because you’re getting mileage that’s more than the gas, I’ll bet that you’re not receiving what it is actually costing you for travel. Gas for my car is only 15% of the monthly expense. Current cost per KM (including EVERYTHING) is about $0.64 PER KM for my 2007 Mazda 3. (Mind you your cost might be lower thanks to BC’s socialized car insurance… We’re not so lucky in Ontario. 20 years driving with ZERO claims and ZERO tickets $2700/y for my 2007 Mazda 3… All because I live right downtown in TO)

    • Luckily he doesn’t have to go out of town very often and most of the driving is done close to home in little to no traffic 🙂

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