My Week Of Huge Financial Mistakes

This was a bad week.

I made mistakes I’m not proud of but will never do again. Ever.

It all 100% stems from not having an emergency/life fund. This is something we’re working on but won’t have the extra funds to start this for a week or two.

Last week my husband was diagnosed with diabetes. Long story short, he never had a family doctor growing up-or one he liked I should say- so never went. I finally got him on with mine and our daughters, and the diagnosis came in, in 26years he’s never had blood work done until 2 weeks ago. His blood sugars are crazy high and the doctor thinks given his age and how uncontrolled they are he’s most likely had it his whole life but it went undiagnosed. Talk about scary. In hindsight is 100% explains pretty much everything that’s ever been wrong with him in the 10 years we’ve been together.

Welcome Mistake #1.

We get paid Monday at midnight. On Tuesday I get groceries, spending our weekly food budget. After hubby’s diagnosis we ended up back in the grocery store on the weekend to pick up a few more diabetic friendly foods (the man who skips breakfast now has to eat it and we didn’t have anything at home other than my cereal which he truly hates). We didn’t spend a whole lot (less than $25.00) but the fact is we didn’t have any room in the weekly spending budget to account for that. I have a slight contingency built in to our weekly monies (ie 20-30 bucks that’s not accounted for) but that was spent on the new prescriptions we had to pick up for him (Thank God we have insurance that covered 80-100% of everything or it would have cost us hundreds). Where did that 25.00 come from? Our billing account, the mistake being I full well knew our insurance was due to come out Monday. I took a gamble thinking our pay might get deposited before the withdraw happens. It didn’t.

Cost of mistake #1? $90.00 in NSF charges ($45 for house ins, $45 for car insurance) plus our insurance charges a fee of $25.00/claim so another $50.00 I seriously had ZERO idea NSF charges were so high, until this week I have never had one. So our $25.00 grocery trip actually cost us $165.00. I’m ashamed.

Mistake #2.

Hubby was put on insulin. When we went to the pharmacy to pick up his new prescription the pharmacist gave us a vial of insulin. We thought hubby was supposed to be on the pen-loaded cartridge insulin but due to some miscommunication between us and the pharmacist (he confused us greatly) we ended up leaving the pharmacy with the vial before checking with the doctor to confirm he wanted vial vs. cartridge. He wanted cartridge so we unnecessarily paid for the vial.

Even with insurance, the cost of this mistake: $14.52 vial prescription we can’t use, plus the new prescriptions, about $32.00…total cost of mistake #2 $46.52. Ugh.

Mistake #3

This really isn’t a huge mistake but may have lessened the blow of mistakes #1 and #2. Put too much gas in the car. I have a budget for weekly gas but put more than normal in this week thinking we would be going away this weekend with the family. We’re not going away now so ended up tying about $30.00 in gas money up, it’s probably less gas that we’ll need this coming week so will even out but that $30.00 would have come in handy.

Total of mistakes: $241.52 

I know people are sick of blog posts about emergency funds/savings but this is my personal blog about personal experiences and I’m just now seriously realizing the importance. Next pay, even if it’s $5.00 will be put into savings and NOT touched.

Here’s hoping for a better week next week. Happy Weekend 🙂


6 thoughts on “My Week Of Huge Financial Mistakes

  1. Sorry to hear so many things went wrong in one week.

    My husband was diagnosed out of the blue with diabetes in 2007 and it really impacted our lives.

    I say out of the blue because he was getting regular blood work done.

    All of a sudden in the summer of 2007 he lost 25 pounds and he was never overweight to begin with. We were scared!

    He started on insulin, then moved to pills and now is on 2 kinds of insulin (night and daytime). And yes the very first time we saw a pharmacist to pick up the new prescriptions he scared and confused us so much more than the doctor did. Now we know him well, and he works well with us on this.

    Email me if you want to talk about it.

    • Thanks so much! We’re working through it. I work in healthcare, my mom is a pharmasist and his sister a nurse so we’re pretty fortunate in terms of resource. There’s still so much to know when it comes to ‘living’ though, understanding the disease through a text book is totally different! Scary is not knowing you have it potentially your whole life and thinking about what could of happened! Diabetes is a scary disease when not controlled!

      • I am so happy to hear that you have all of those resources. It is scary. Everyday I worry about my husband taking too much insulin. People who have never had it or known someone that has it, often don’t understand what a person is going through that does have it. We are constantly learning new ways of dealing with it. Thank goodness you discovered it now and can work with it. I wish you and your husband all the best!!

  2. I am with you on mistakes… Last year put a huge damper on everything. We depleted our savings due to multiple huge financial costs (We were remodeling a house that was thrown at us by my wife’s ex and going through a big custody battle) It didnt hit us until I hurt my back and was out of work for a few months.

    We are still paying for it… as we try to catch up on credit card bills. I have been throwing three times the amount of a normal payment, but we still get hit with late fees because we arent caught up yet. That plus the interest is like two payments. So basically I only get one payment that counts for anything. This is happening on four accounts.

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