How I Saved Hundreds On Diapers

Easily put, I had a party.


Hubby and are fairly nontraditional people in certain ways (we had a BBQ wedding for example) so when it came time for a baby shower we knew we both wanted to be there, why is it just for the ladies?

The party was held at the in-laws where all our friends and family (male and female) came over for an afternoon hangout. The ladies partook in a more traditional shower while the men hung out, drank beer and had a diaper party.

Basically the guys showed up and ‘showered’ hubby with a boatload of diapers in various sizes instead of baby gifts. Our daughter is 14 weeks (tomorrow!) and the only reason we’ve had to buy any diapers was because she was in the newborn size a lot longer than I thought (tiny little thing).

According to my calculation, we received over $500.00 in diapers that will take her, in my estimation, up to probably 9 months old, just a few weeks short of when I go back to work. HUGE financial help! I’ll take boxes of diapers over another toy any day!


7 thoughts on “How I Saved Hundreds On Diapers

    • I was honestly shocked at the volume of diapers we received. I recommend it for anyone (who is using disposable instead of cloth).

    • I haven’t tried the costco diapers but will be once I run out. My in laws also have a membership. I would have tried cloth but hubby was totally against it and when I go back to work finding a daycare that will deal with cloth is almost as hard as actually finding a daycare!

  1. Wow amazing! Wish we thought of this, my wife made me be at our baby shower, so maybe some good could have came out of it. She said she was very suprised that we didnt get more diapers. Our boy turned six months two days ago. I think we buy a box a week.

    • Haha yeah it was a great time, boys did their thing while ladies did theirs. I was actually shocked by how many diapers we did get- it wasn’t a huge party. I was very grateful!

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