Kick Starting Our Budget: How We’re Saving $182.00 Each Month

When we decided to proceed with the DMP we really had to sit down and look at our budget. I knew there were areas we could be saving but just never bothered to put the effort in to do anything about it before now. These aren’t areas the affect everyone but here’s where we saw some savings with little to no effort:

  • Changing our cat’s food. Our cat has a digestive issue and requires special food, however I knew we could get a similar product for less if I put the effort in to shopping around. Money Saved: $30.00/month
  • Stop paying to life insurance on our individual lines of credit. God forbid something happens to one of us, our actual Life Insurance will be more than enough to cover the two LOC in question. Money Saved: $50.00/month (this shocked me actually).
  • Changing our cable/phone/internet package details. Money Saved: $25.00/month
  • Bank fees. Don’t even mention it, it makes me sick. We switched to no fee banking. Money Saved: $52.00/month. Yes, monthly.
  • Hubby’s cell phone plan, Money Saved: $15.00/month
  • Changing drug stores to one with lower dispensing fees, Money Saved: $10.00/month

For a grand total of $182.00/month in savings. Huge especially since it was wasted money anyway!


8 thoughts on “Kick Starting Our Budget: How We’re Saving $182.00 Each Month

  1. Cute site – looks like you’re just getting started. Best of luck!

    Cable and internet tip: if you cancel your cable and internet entirely, and have the other person sign up as a new customer (usually at an authorized retail outlet, such as those in the mall) you can often get both cable and internet for $20-$30, for 6 months. 🙂

    • Thanks, internet/cable doesn’t work the same here in Canada, or I should say the Maritimes, we only have 2 providers with no choice. Both companies have competitive and comparable rates…there is no ‘shopping around’.

    • Savings will be different for everyone but they work for us. Point being, there are many inconspicuous areas that people often overlook!

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